Erva couples pack

Erva couples pack products were originally created from the idea that sexual activity is an key aspect of an individuals overall health & wellbeing. However, in comparison to other areas of health that are excelling in natural and organic alternatives, sexual health has been overlooked. Many still rely on older chemically based medications which have unappealing and dangerous side effects.

We have decided its time to take action in this area of health and look at sexual activity for what it is - a way to reduce stress & anxiety, assist in quality of sleep, reduce risk of heart disease and even benefit the immune system! Not to mention that emotionally, sexual activity increases ones sense of confidence and self-esteem.

All the ingredients in the Erva couples packs are taken from the ancient ayurvedic text. Both the female and male capsules have a mix of premium aphrodisiac herbs that naturally boost sex drive. As men and women have different physical needs, each product; Erva X-Tra for men and Erva Eve for women have a specialised formula specifically suited to each gender in order to optimise the enhancement of libido.

Erva X-Tra and Erva Eve both contain a premium mix of extracts of aphrodisiac herbs traditionally used in Ayurveda and Inca culture, making this daily dose not only beneficial for your sexual health but overall health and wellbeing.

We believe its time to look at sexual health from a different perspective with these specially crafted products. We genuinely hope you can begin this journey with us & discover the potential of your sexual health, happiness and most importantly, wellbeing.